The production process begins with the feasibility analysis of requests from the customer. Once the request has been accepted and the costs and execution times have been defined, we propose to the Customer the price and delivery times of the products. In the case of artifacts whose consumption is cyclical, after the first supply we do not repeat the feasibility analysis but we align ourselves for the economic and logistical aspects, agreeing with the customer any changes from previous supplies. Having defined the proposal with the customer, we enter the sales order in the system and thus generate a work order that starts production.


Once the sales order has been entered, we analyze the technical documentation provided by the customer and, if necessary, we integrate or rework it to generate all the technical documents necessary for the production of the product. For orders that require approvals, such, for example, pressure vessels, in parallel with the technical-design part, we proceed with the analysis and preparation of the specifications and the necessary certification.


With the start of the order, the system generates the material requirements, which are converted into orders to suppliers. Orders contain all the technical and logistical information necessary to precisely define the components or services, such as internal or outsourced processing, in order to meet the needs. Upon arrival of the goods in the company, we check all these characteristics and, if found, the components are identified, loaded into the system and made available for the internal production process.


The fulcrum of our competitive ability in Albrigi Luigi is the great attention we pay to the skills and training of our workers who, thanks to a production plant adapted to the needs and to a constant performance monitoring structure, declined in a motivating way for our People (visual factory), have adopted the philosophy of continuous improvement. The production cycle is the classic one of refined medium-light stainless steel carpentry, it is complete and begins with the processing of steel products and ends with the surface finish.

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